New construction offers its obvious advantages to home buyers. Everything is new, which means the odds of having to repair or replace something in the near future is close to nil. The features are more up-to-date and innovative, which means you can take advantage of its conveniences.


What Can You Expect to See in New Home Construction Design in 2015?


If you’re building a new home, here are a few trends you can expect to continue in new home construction going forward in 2015.


  • 1. Replacing the living room with ‘combination’ rooms. Many home owners are choosing to forego the separate living room in favor of a larger kitchen or family room. Families tend to use these rooms in a multifunctional way, from cooking, to entertaining, to doing homework. Living rooms are slowly falling off the radar, as are other rooms like mudrooms, formal dining rooms, and even third bathrooms.


  • 2. Going green. The trend towards going ‘green’ is definitely not fading away any time soon. In fact, it’s just gaining steam, especially in the new home construction realm. Going for energy-efficient appliances, toilets, faucets, windows, doors and insulation is expected to reach an all-time high this year. Not only does taking these steps lessen the carbon footprint on the earth and the environment, it can also save a ton of money in utility bills.


  • 3. New kitchen basics. Certain features that may have been considered upgraded features in the past are fast becoming the standard in new home construction and remodeling. For instance, you’ll be seeing a lot more basics like double sinks and pot lights, while other once-sought after features like huge walk-in pantries and even desk areas will fade.


  • 4. Fancier, technologically-advanced bathrooms. Builders and designers are reporting an increase in requests for certain features in the bathroom that they would not have heard so much of just a few short years ago. These days, homeowners are becoming more sophisticated, and are including various upgrades in their bathrooms, including touchscreen displays to control water temperature, free-standing bathtubs, two-person showers, and even linen closets.


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