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The world economic may not already fully recover from the crisis but there’s a high prospect that in the future it will be much better. There are improvements in many aspects of business including in real estate industry. We all know that real estate business is among industries suffered the worst effect of the crisis. But thanks to new emerging markets, real estate industry is on the rise again and even its performance hits new records. Prestigious and high end real estate projects are no longer take place in Manhattan or downtown London but in the dessert of Uni Emirate Arab (UAE).It isn’t too much to say that Middle East, along China, is the emerging market for high end property. UAE, which is politically much stable then the neighborhood countries and has much liberal governments, offers opportunity to real estate industry to build new projects. The advanced development of Dubai and Abu Dhabi as new business centers in the region is among the reason why real estate industry has good momentum. A visionary businessman and investor knows where the new market will grow and able to create the opportunity into a valuable asset. Tej Kohli Billionare is one of those visionary investors and he is among the leading investors in UAE real estate industry. Mr. Kholi has already has good reputation in business and investment. Mostly he is known for his highly successful IT solution company: Grafix Softech. A self-made billionaire, he built his business from scratch and expands it to various lines. He is also known as an active philanthropist initiating various programs for underprivileged people in India and South American countries.

Tej kohli business proved his intuitive vision in investment. He started Ozone Real Estate with a vision that new emerging markets will take the role of established market in real estate industry. His intuition is proven right. When the crisis badly hit US and Europe, new markets are emerging in Asia and Middle East. Ozone Group becomes Tej Kohli business lines with core business to provide unique solution for all real estate related services. It helps investors who want to get the huge prospect of real estate industry booming in this country. With premier standard, Ozone Real Estate only supports and offers high end high quality real estate products to its clients to ensure that their clients will get optimum returns for their investment. Combining marketing, sales, and management of real estate, Ozone able to deliver best value to their clients.

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