When I told my sister that I was looking at apartments for rent in Salt Lake City, she didn’t know what to say. I have always lived in nice houses, and she thought I was downgrading. I explained to her that living in a house with my husband and living in a house as a newly divorced woman are two different things. I did not want the hassle of taking care of maintenance issues in the house as well as the grounds since that is what he always took care of. I just wanted simple living, and getting an apartment seemed the easiest way to ensure that happened.

It also helps that I already looked at apartments online, and I had found a really nice apartment complex that is elegant and maintenance free. I have always loved cathedral ceilings, so I was surprised and happy to see that this complex has apartments that have them. It also has so many other things, and I knew I wanted to see an apartment in person as soon as possible. I had already seen the layout of the two bedroom apartments, which is what I wanted, as well as some pictures, but I did not want to make a decision until I had seen it in person.

When I was taken on a tour of one of the two bedroom apartments, I knew without a doubt that I was meant to live in one of them. The rooms are extremely spacious, and I knew that I would not have any problem transitioning from living in a house to an apartment since the apartment is every bit as nice as the house I had just left. The only difference is that if something goes wrong, I don’t have to take care of it. There are even bonuses, because there is a fitness center right on the premises as well as other things such as a pool. Life is about to get better for me!

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