The nature of the island is the land is covered with water all sides, the sea breeze is assured for the residents in the island, apart from this the weather condition would be cool always to stay in the island apart from this all the benefits of the climate change could be had only by the island residing people, normally a home in the island would be costly because it is hard to make a home in the beach sand, the sand is not a regular sand as available in the general place. The influence of the sea water would be there in the island permanently to all the residents. In case the company is constructing homes in island it has to spend more money, because the available water cannot be used for the construction, the chemical free water is necessary for the construction.

Apart from this, the depth of the basement should have to be more, than the normal ground. The sea based area can bring any side effect to the constructed portion of the building. The experience in constructing homes in the island is necessary, only the best experienced companies could construct the homes in the island, this is the reason there are not much real estate companies available except Lombok real estate Company,

People are quite happy with the construction of the above company; they are booking their home even before one year. The company is satisfying the people only in their construction, even the price of the home is not expensive to the people, the homes are constructed with more care, the front yard is arranged with the sunshade the children are provided a small park with all the play equipments. The aged people could relax in the evening on the bench installed only for the senior citizens. The small garden is arranged by the real estate company, all these are making the people an urge to buy the above homes, many people are waiting for the new homes, of course the company is searching the best place to do the construction and provide a quality home for the owners.

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